SC INTRATEST S.A. offers training services, 12-year training courses and trainings, during which thousands of people have been formed in different fields of activity.

From 2018 we bring for you in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia The Open University courses from UK.

In the 21st century, technology helps us provide you with lectures from prestigious universities that you can follow from the comfort of your home or office.
However, in Romania we provide you with a team of experienced and dedicated people for you to have the most enjoyable experience in learning. From the  company’s general manager to sales staff and tutors, they will all be  at your disposal to achieve your goals.

We have always based our work and services on seriousness, professionalism and dedication to ensure that INTRATEST students have the highest level of education and a pleasant experience in achieving the goals they are aiming for.

Our clients were mostly satisfied with the services they received and with the experience gained within INTRATEST. Many of them have the pleasure of telling us a few words to thank in a way for the collaboration, and we turn their thanks, dearly.