Executive Diploma in Management is the program of consolidation of previously acquired management skills, both formally and informally. 

It is mainly addressed to experienced managers, with over 3 (three) years of seniority in the management activity.

At the core of the diploma is The Accelerated Leadership Program (L), composed of 5 basic units: Management, Organization and People, Marketing, Finance and Operations. The Leadership Program has a strong practical nature being focused on the settlement of problems, developing critical thinking.

The Accelerated Leadership Program is part of the prestigious MBA program offered by The Open University in UK and it can be considered a shorten version of MBA or a Fast Track MBA program.

The 5 basic unit of the program cannot be followed separately and are conceived to be delivered together in order to obtain maximum performance in the management activity.

The detailed presentation of the program can be found the dedicated page – Accelerated Leadership Program (L).

Certification: Executive Diploma in Management will be granted after graduating all the modules that compose this certificate. Also, a participation / ANC (National Authority for Qualifications) certificate will be granted after the graduation of each separate module, with mention of the module graduated.