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The Management and Leadership courses are derived from the MBA Program offered by The Open University in UK. The M1, M2 and M3 management courses are part of the path to an MBA program or to the Management and Leadership course  offered bu Intratest Business School. This program is a pre-MBA  type. The Management and Leadership course is part of the MBA program offered by The Open University Business School in UK – MBA Stage One. Now, in a condensed and efficient program in only 1 year, you can get all the skills needed for a successful management.

The online platform – allows you to continue your studies without interrupting your daily activities, taking courses when you have time and availability.

Last but not at least, the accredited diplomas will allow you to recognize your competences for the official point of view.

Organisations and People Course (M1)

This module investigates organisational behaviour and human resource management. Designed for working managers, those who deputise for managers, management trainees, supervisors and team leaders, it takes a very practice-based approach to studying management concepts, focusing on your own role. It is suitable for aspiring managers provided you have experience of either paid or unpaid (voluntary) work involving leading a group or team; a project or task involving one or more others; or running/helping to run a voluntary organisation. 

Marketing and Finance Course (M2)

This practical module covers topics in marketing and accounting and finance through activities and problem-solving. It takes a very practice-based approach to studying management concepts focusing on your own role. You can study this module on its own or start your Intratest Business School management studies with it. However, you may find this module easier to engage with if you have studied  Organisations and People (M1) first.


The Integration Challange Course (M3)

Consolidate the key learning points from your previous management studies and integrate organisational, people, customer and financial based perspectives of the managerial role. This module is designed to be studied after completing M1 and M2, or may be studied at the same time as one of these modules.

The course represents the endpoint of the Professional Diploma in Management and is essentially the integration of the knowledge gained during the previous modules (M1 and M2) into the workplace through applications and case studies.


Management and Leadership Course (L)

This program is framed within the complex and challenging nature of twenty-first century management. Its dual aims are to help you build on your current understanding of management and enable you to develop and improve your practice of managing. This module is a seven-month programme of professional development which requires your active engagement with a wide variety of materials, activities and resource to enlarge your knowledge of the functions of management and make a real difference in your own context of managing.

Corporate Finance Course (F)

This module provides a grounding in the core areas of corporate finance and enables you to gain a basis on which to build the specialist financial expertise that you’ll develop through your MSc in Finance. You’ll examine financial statements and explore how these can be employed to measure the performance of organisations. You’ll then look at the business environment that organisations work within and its impact on their financial decision making. You’ll also explore how organisations finance themselves and the factors that determine their cost of funding.

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