Professional diploma in management is the first step towards obtaining certified management skills and is generally meant for aspiring and juniors managers, with a seniority up 3 (three) years.

Professional diploma in management comprises three modules: M1 – Organizations and People, M2 – Marketing and Finance and M3 – The  integration challange. The program provides an overview on the basic management process and each module has a strong practical nature being focused on the settlement of problems, developing critical thinking.

M3 – The integration challenge is based on case-studies and its goal is to integrate in the current activity knowledge acquired in the previous modules, M1 and M2.

Professional diploma in management can be considered a preparatory step to other management programs, such as Executive Diploma in Management and it can be considered, at the same time a Pre MBA program.

You can find detailed presentation of each module in their dedicated page: M1 – Organization and People, M2 – Marketing and Finance and M3 – The integration challenge.

The modules can be also pursued independently, besides M3, however from previous experience we recommend that these be fully read in order to obtain the required skills in the management activity. 

Certification: Professional diploma in management will be granted after graduating all the modules that compose this certificate. Also, a participation / ANC (National Authority for Qualifications) certificate will be granted after the graduation of each separate module, with mention of the module graduated.