Q1. What do i obtain ?

First of all, you obtain business knowledge and skills that you can immediately capitalize, whether you are an employee, manager or contractor. Our tutors are specialists in the fields of intervention, practitioners, managers and/or entrepreneurs, certified both in Romania and in England, with clear results in the business environment.

Secondly, you get official titles and diplomas for the courses you take, recognized both in Romania and in the European Union, which will help you at any time in your career.

Thirdly, you will have access to an important set of resources – manuals, case studies, presentations, ratings, audio and video files, articles, and so on – developed by The Open University UK together with its partners, including the BBC – all contributing to a modern learning process oriented towards the implementation of knowledge acquired at the workplace.

Last but not least, you will have access to our carefully selected tutors that will, in fact, make your training experience more enjoyable and result-oriented. Their description can be found in the Our tutors section on your website.

Q2. How are the courseS being taught? online or in class?

We use one of the most modern and flexible learning methods for adults, called blended learning. In other words, the courses take place both online and in class. At the end of each online module, there is a 2-3 day meeting for all students – called the Residential School. The residential school is an important part of each module, there is an intensive (8h/day) consolidation of the acquired information and the final exam.

Combining the online and in-class study allows you to run your daily business normally without having to interrupt it for study programs. The subjects can be taken as your time allows you to, at any time of the day and requires just a laptop and an internet connection.

This method has proven results, combining in an optimal way your daily tasks with your training. The flexibility thus provided will prove to be an important asset in continuing lifelong learning. As a matter of fact, we are leaders in the field of flexible, well-developed study solutions, aiming at the harmonious blending of personal life, professionalism and the ever-increasing needs of training and personal development.

Q3. How do i pay in instalments?

In order to be able to pay up to 12 equal interest-free instalments, you need to have a debit/credit card accepted by our PayU online payment platform. Then, in the electronic payment module, choose the desired number of instalments.

Obtaining a debit/credit card (if you do not have one) is usually done within 48 hours of making the request to the issuing bank and does not require the elaboration of complex bureaucratic formalities.

The payment in interest-free instalments allows the financial effort to be staggered over a full year, and you will focus your entire effort on what is most important: acquiring skills and business knowledge. 

The payment is secured through the PayU platform. According to the legislation in force, if you purchase our services online, you have 30 days to return them.

Q4. What diploma do I receive when I graduate?

Depending on your graduate course and after the certification exam you will receive the diploma certified by the National Qualifications Authority. For example, for the M1 course – People and Organizations – you will be awarded the Human Resources Manager and so forth

If you take all the courses (modules) of a training program (eg Professional Management Diploma), you will receive this diploma issued by Intratest Business School under The Open University license.

The same reasoning applies to any of the programs offered by Intratest Business School under The Open University license. 

The models following these diplomas can be found on our website under Certificates and Diplomas.

Owning such a certificate attests that you have attended a high-quality training program, while allowing you to aspire to the management positions within your company.

Q5. How do I use the e-learning platform? How many hours do I have to spend studying?

The eLearning Platform is available at Once you have registered as a student in INTRATEST register, you will be contacted by our technical team and you will receive the course, user and password access data. The full content of the course for which you opted is found on the platform. Courses are structured on a weekly basis, and you’ll have to do specific activities for each course. Each course has a moderate discussion group moderated by our tutors, called TFG – Tutor Forum Group. You will make your homework and evaluations on the platform and you will receive constant feedback from the tutors. 

We estimate 2-3/day, spent on the online platform, necessary to go through each course module in optimal conditions. Even if one day you cannot allocate this number of hours, there is no problem: you can redeem them whenever you want.

Q6. What does the course price include?

The price of the course includes the price of training and certification. In other words, the price includes: access to the platform and related resources, access to tutors according to the timetable, electronic and/or printed course materials, unlimited library access, promotional materials, assessments and examinations. Diplomas are issued only at the Intratest Business School headquarters in Bucharest or at headquarters in the country. According to the legislation in force, the diplomas are handed in person, based on the ID card and signature and cannot be sent by post, delegate, etc. They may be handed over to a third party only by power-of-attorney.

The price of the course does not include: the cost of transport, accommodation, meals, and daily subsistence costs for the Residential Schools. These will be organized by the vendor, and their price will be communicated in a timely manner to the students. Purchasing them through the training provider is not mandatory.

You also need to have a PC/Mac or laptop with current specifications and an internet connection.

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Q7. How can I obtain discounts?

You can get 10% discounts by paying the entire course or bringing a group of at least 3 students with you.

q8. What language are the courses taught in?

The courses are taught in Romanian, but a B level English level is recommended.

Q9. How is the course quality guaranteed?

1) Courses are licensed by The Open University. 2) We have the quality management system accredited by TUV Germany. 3) We have the best tutors for you, certified in RO and the UK, with a proven track record in the business environment.

Q10. What does The Open University license mean?

The Open University license requires the use of study materials provided by the UK and the certification granted is proprietary to IBS under national law.


The group consists of 17-20 participants. Every year 1 series course L and 2 series of each course M are scheduled. You can always check the formation of the group by calling directly to IBS.


We are waiting for you in the “comments” section below! Any question has an answer. So do not hesitate to write to us! We are convinced that no matter how many issues we may have, we can find solutions together! 

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