Executive Manager

Mihnea set up the company in 2007 with the mission of contributing to the success of clients’ career and he is determined to deliver only the best quality services. So far, INTRATEST have had more than 20.000 trainees, which makes him believe that he had proposed it happened – the quality of the courses is the first place. 

In 2018 Mihnea thought is time for a new step: he opened the negotiations of The Open University UK, bringing in the first time in Romania and Republic of Moldova, the leadership course that is part of the prestigious MBA offered by this university.

eMail:  mihnea.pacuraru[at]intratest.ro


Product Manager

With more than 15 years’ experience in adult professional training, Sanda is a motivated professional, oriented towards solutions that provide excellent study experiences. He is certified in Management Development Knowledge and Skills by Roffey Park Management Institute, UK.

At Intratest Business School, Sanda is responsible for the blended learning strategy of organization (online and face-to-face) and has extensive experience in developing and implementing online learning solutions. Sanda is committed to ensuring conditions that best meet customer training needs through the development of new and viable products on the adult education services market.

eMail: sanda.anca@intratest.ro


Zone Manager Ardeal

Otilia has joined INTRATEST since 2010, and most of the work has been spent with corporate clients but also with individuals where it offers personalized training solutions both in-house and in-house.

It is open to new and changing, always trying to understand and find the best ways to solve existing situations.

The experience gained in customer relationships has taught her to respond quickly to the ever-growing needs and diversification of professional skills by providing tailored, personalized training services.


Tel: 0735844179

eMail: timisoara[at]intratest.ro


Zone Manager Moldova and Basarabia

Vlad’s entire career has meant working with people, understanding their needs, and motivating them to learn and understand how they can be helped to meet their own needs. 

There is a generally accepted concept that says every man loves to shop … but not everyone likes to sell. 

Vlad is certainly part of the second category mentioned above. 


At the same time, as a result of the experience gained in selling products and services to both individuals and businesses, as well as the very good knowledge of your own products, you can guarantee that you find the right solution for your needs or your company.

Tel: 0726.248.505

eMail: vlad.baletchi[at]intratest.ro